Learn languages with a tandem-partner

At Swap Language you can find a tandem-partner fast and easy. A tandem-partner is a person with a different cultural background who speaks the foreign language you want to learn. Find one now and improve your language skills!

    With a tandem-partner you will achieve:
  • Better language skills
  • Better cultural understanding and international awareness
  • New friendships across borders

What is a tandem-partner?

A tandem-partner is a person with a different cultural background who speaks the foreign language you want to learn!

It's actually very easy to get started


Meet Gerardo Lopez!

A Venezuelan native, who speaks fluent Danish. Gerardo is a perfect example of how far dedication can get you!

“You have to take your shyness, and put it away”


Why Swap Language?

Every corner of the world has been discovered long ago and you can now find a Chinese in Buenos Aires, a Kiwi in Paris, and even a Dane in Cape Town. Borders separates countries, but the real barrier between countries is the language and the culture. By swapping language you can start discovering what really separates and unites nations! Swap Language with a tandem-partner and start using your foreign language skills in real life situations!


About us

Swap Language is a website where people who share an interest in languages can meet up and swap languages. Here they can easily find locals from all over the world and practice a foreign language in their own city.

The idea came up when Allan started his studies 3 years ago. He wanted to find someone to practice his Spanish with and wanted to exchange his own language in return. It wasn’t as easy to find a tandem-partner as he thought! Frustrated, but with some luck and 5 weeks later he finally found a Mexican student at the University, who also needed someone to practice Danish. This motivated us to create a platform so that nobody will have to go through the same struggles, to simply just learn and practice a foreign language.

  • Our mission: Everyone can find themselves a tandem-partner in their city with whom they can Swap Language!
  • Our vision: Swap Language strives to have the biggest database of language interested persons in Denmark.

Allan V. Hermansen

  • 26 years
  • BA in International Business Communication and Spanish
  • Studies IT Communication

Martin Mørk Hansen

  • 25 years
  • PBA in Entrepreneurship