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It was my second time meeting with Allan and it was a blast, we've had some laughs and introduced some structure thanks to his initiative. I'm definitely improving my Danish with Allan and I'm very glad to be helping him with Polish. Swapping is a rewarding experience, especially if repeated :)


had a great time with Allan, good mix of educational and fun!


Agnieszka has been my Swapper for a long time now, and every time is a pleasure! Her Danish has really improved during our Swaps!


We met at the library, and it was super nice to practice my self-studied Polish. Jedrek is very laid back and easy to get along with. He's very patient and good at correcting my many mistakes! And his Danish is superb!


The meeting with Allan was both fun and very useful. You can never really practice a lenguage until you talk with a native speaker...


Ankita is attentive and well prepared. She is also a very varm person which makes the course very cozy.


Benjamin is probably the most positive teacher you’ll ever have. I’m a total beginner and thanks tp his patience and structured teaching I’m slowly easing into the Danish language :) 100 recommend!

Danish could be a tricky language, but learning it with Nichlas was a completely different experience. His way of teaching is engaging and immersive. By the end of my first lesson I was confident that if I chose to hitchhike across Denmark, I would have no problems whatsoever. Thanks, Nichlas!


Lluís is a great teacher! He thought me all the vocabulary that people really use and not just the formal forms of verbs and phrases. We also had a small role-playing game during which I could feel like I was really checking in for a flight in Madrid. Lluís is also good at explaining grammar - he answered all my tricky questions and doubts.

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