Namaste (नमस्ते)! World's best way to understand India, experience Hinglish.


General Language



60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Hindi is phonetic language, easy to learn write and speak through Hinglish (Hindi+English). Speaking a few sentences in Hindi can open cultural doors and give you the most heartwarming experiences. I would like you to feel the language, how beautiful the language is. It is always good to have knowledge of second language not only for communicating with others but also for cultural enrichment.

About the teacher

Born, raised and educated in India. I am an Engineer and MBA graduate. Hindi is my mother tongue and I have teaching experience from India at various levels in Hindi language. As a teacher, I have experience in building effective communication with students and fostering encouraging classroom environment. I am sure I will provide the best knowledge of Hindi so that you can participate in inner talks with Indians.


What you will learn

To fully embrace the culture of India and Hindi. We will focus on the spoken everyday language, so that after the course you will be familiar with most common words and phrase constructions. You will thus be able to present yourself in Hindi and have a basic conversation. It would be helpful for job seekers as many technology jobs are currently being outsourced to India. It would be helpful for those who love traveling and want to explore the authenticity and geographical diversity of Incredible India. People with interest in Bollywood and songs will enjoy learning Hindi.

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04/11/2019 13.38.31

Ankita was very good to explain and introduced the alphabet to me,and we found many similarities with the Macedonian alphabet, and it was very interesting. She is very well prepared, and explained excellently.

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04/11/2019 09.25.28

Ankita is attentive and well prepared. She is also a very varm person which makes the course very cozy.

The lessons

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Learning of alphabets I (Devanagari script) and sounds!

I will teach Hindi alphabets and the sounds with the help of Hinglish. It is world's best and easiest way to understand the language and country. I will give you knowledge of most common salutations and greetings that we use in our daily life.

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Learning of alphabets II (Devanagari script) and sounds!

We will learn another set of alphabets with their sounds.

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Understanding of small sentences!

We will learn how we construct the small sentences by focusing on pronoun, verbs and adjectives.

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How to introduce yourself!

I will tell you some of the basic questions that are important while introducing yourself. Also, we will focus on most common words and phase construction.

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Dialogue while meeting someone!

We will focus on different things while we are having basic conversation with someone. We will try few examples: visiting grocery store, railway station, pharmacy etc.

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Learning numbers, days, relation!

We will learn numbers, days and relation in Hindi.

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