How do you interact with these reserved danes?!


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Why you should take this course

You should take my course if you want to learn danish in a fun and creative way You will not only learn danish you will also have a look into danish culture and environment You will learn how to communicate better in danish with friends, co-workers or in public

About the teacher

Hey! My name is Martin, And I'm full with positive energy, that I want to use, to teach some basic danish to you I have tried living in Colombia for half a year, so I know the struggle, when you’re in a country, where the language and culture sometimes can be a barrier. I am looking forward to meet you!


What you will learn

For me as a dane, i have observed how danes never talk with each other i public. And especially when you come to Denmark people dont understand, how to interact with danes. But the truth is danes are a really happy and caring folk, with you get to know them Therefore will my language course will teach you how to communicate with Danes in everyday life. You will also gain the understanding of how Danes behave in a formal and not formal conversation, and how to respond.

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The lessons

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From basic to nuanced Danish

What to say when you unexpectedly meet an old friend?

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The story of you oversleeping

How to respond if someone ask “How was your day?” - Expanding of your vocabulary - Learn useful sentences

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