Speak Danish with friends, coworkers, your dog... Come along - it'll be fun!





60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Expand your vocabulary and become more certain in how to make phrases so you can engage in conversation with other Danes. In that way it becomes more fun and exciting to live or to stay in Aarhus when you can understand and communicate with others.

About the teacher

I love teaching and I have experience from teaching both Danish and French before and have a Master's degree in Danish and French. I will differentiate the teaching so that all of the students learn succesfully, and I think that the everyday focus is beneficial when you want to learn a new language.


What you will learn

In this course we will learn how to communicate in everyday language about everyday topics so you'll be able to talk to friends, coworkers and other people you meet along your way here in Aarhus. Your level doesn't matter.

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The lessons

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The basic Danish

We'll learn - depending on your level - basic and necessary sentences to start and finish conversations. Together we decide the topics. We will focusing on that you'll get to speak a lot because I believe that practice makes you better. I will of course support you along the way.

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How to initiate conversations

We'll start by learning the basic when initiating conversation. I will speak in Danish while translating in English and give you some basic sentences to start with. After you will talk to the other students and try to engage in conversations.

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How to shop in Danish

In this lesson we'll work with how you can use the Danish language in public. We'll study som e sentences to practice and talk about where you'll use them.

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How to understand Danish

In this lesson, it's up to you to create the content. Here, we talk about different weird words, sentences, phrases etc. you've stumbled upon in your time in Århus, and we'll try to figure them out together. We'll also see how you can use them so that they become an active part of your Danish language.

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In this lesson, we'll follow up: What have we learned? What would you like to learn?

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More lessons on the way

More lessons on the way

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