Learn Danish and bookkeeping- for intermediates.





60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Want to set up your own business or develop your skills for more job opportunities? Then this course is exactly what you need. It will give you a head start in whatever project you pursue and will give you a greater understanding of how the Danish system works.

About the teacher

I have been doing bookkeeping for 4 years, and have a lot of experience with the many different aspects and regulations. I have experience as a language teacher teaching beginner and intermediate Danish focusing on conversational skills, but also including reading, listening and writing.


What you will learn

You will know the basics about the vocabulary in bookkeeping. We will focus on the terminology behind bookkeeping, regulation, VAT, invoices and other topics relevant to this specific course. You will not only know the terminology and phrases but get insights into common practices and generally how you should administrate your business in Denmark.

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The lessons

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How to get started

In the first lessons, we will go over some basic vocabulary, software, and other need-to-know's. We will do an introduction to fully understand the needs of the student and customize the lessons even further.

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Purchase part 1

We will go through the past lessons takeaways and use what we learned to get started with actually doing bookkeeping. We will focus on creating posts of purchasing and what you need to consider when you are doing so.

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Purchase part 2

Continue on the topic of creating entries of purchases correctly.

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Creating invoices correctly and insights on how to communicate with your customers.

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Value added tax

How to calculate and enter VAT into tax systems with a focus on vocabulary and terminology.

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Catching up on the full course.

Summing up takeaways of the full course.

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