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Why you should take this course

This course is a prefect opportunity to get along with Poles and understand their culture from casual meetups to big family parties. You will find out about special expressions and gestures that will help you adapt into their community and simply win their sympathy.

About the teacher

I came to Denmark 5 years ago to study and I know how hard it can be sometimes to get out there and get along with new people, locals. I have met so many different nationalities and cultures since I moved here. I noticed, the best way to connect with people is to speak their language and understand their culture. Partying together is just a perfect opportunity to bond.


What you will learn

After taking this course you will be able to have some basic conversations with native speakers on polish parties, casual meetings or friends hang outs. You will also get a better understanding of traditions and habits when partying with Poles.

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17/10/2019 07.21.22

Cześć! It was so much fun learning the basics to start interacting with Polish people! Agnieszka had prepared a lot of small language games and as I'm a competitive person by nature - that's exactly how I learn fast! :).

The lessons

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Universal expressions

During this lesson you will learn how to greet people, how to ask them about their lives and how to tell a little bit about yourself.

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Friends hang out

Imagine you are on a party fool of Poles who know each other and you want to be a part of their conversations. After this lesson you will be able to join small talks and enjoy the party.

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Family reunions

To understand young people at the parties you need to know a little bit more about the traditions they grow up with. During this lesson you will find out how traditional parties in Poland look like. You will also get to practice some small talks around that topic.

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Polish party

This lesson is all about practicing different scenarios and prepare you to hang out with Poles and what's the most important - to get the best possible experience .

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