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Why you should take this course

Do you have a great idea, but don't know how to present it to people? Then this is the course for you! We will teach you the right vocabulary and the method to catch the interest of potential investors, co-founders, volunteers or employees.

About the teacher

I have started multiple companies, and as CEO I have competed in pitching competitions in Europe, Asia, and North America. I have gotten feedback from industry leaders, world-class investors, and founders from unicorn startups, which has given me a unique skill set when it comes to pitching a concept. I am as passionate about teaching as I am about pitching and I promise to put that to good use in this course!


What you will learn

When you have finished this course you will have a clear understanding of how to successfully persuade anyone that your idea will be the next big thing!

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The lessons

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Solving the problem!

We will dive into how to effectively present the problem that potential users/consumers face and how your concept will relieve them from this pain. We will focus on the vocabulary used to display a degree of both professionalism and empathy to persuade the receiver of your message.

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Describing the team!

This lesson will focus on how to successfully pitch the team and resource that you have access to in order to make your idea become a reality. We will focus on the vocabulary and phrases that will emphasize that you stay authentic, without selling yourself short.

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Beating the competitors!

This lesson will focus on whatever the users of your idea are doing now. Specifically, we will talk about how you can present an idea that is different (not necessarily better), and how that will improve the lives of your potential users. The vocabulary and phrases that we will work within this course will be centered around displaying the uniqueness of your idea in comparison to your competitors.

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Presenting the market!

"Investors want B's baby" - common saying in silicon valley. The market size and trend is a big part of any investors considerations. The bigger the better, but if your idea is niche you can use that to your advantage. This lesson will focus on vocabulary and phrases that will accurately describe the market potential of your new idea.

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Introducing the business model!

One thing that is crucial for any concept is: "How will you make the idea a sustainable project/business?". The receiver will want to know that this is not just passing fad, but here to stay. This lesson focuses on the technical vocabulary behind business models.

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Project the financials!

What will it cost to execute this idea successfully? That will be the concluding topic of your pitch. We will focus on what the receiver would want to see and how you should predict costs to make a realistic forecast.

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