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60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

You should take this course if you want to improve your communication skills, prepare for any job or internship integration ! I will adapt everything on what you want to learn and we will manage to learn and have fun at the same time!

About the teacher

I am French and worked in France in companies like L'Oréal ! I already taught professional communication during one year and have many contents oriented to business in order to help you for your job integration, internship search, and your basics communication skills.


What you will learn

The goal is to learn how to speak with professionalism. You will learn how to speak about your experiences, how to ace an interview and acquire many presentation skills.

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07/10/2019 14.16.07

Julia was really nice and we played some games I brougth to learn the language. We talked very little english and she was a great sport. My level french is not good enough for the courses Julia has planned, so we didn't do the "professional communication course". I learned alot and can warmly recommend Julia

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09/10/2019 08.28.37

Julia is a very bright teacher! She is always available to give more explanations and examples in order to simplify concepts and situations. She helped me to be more confident about job interviews and talking about my work experiences! I highly recommend her

The lessons

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How to speak about your experiences

- Understand what employers are looking for - Demonstrate your skills and qualities to employers during interviews - Improve and correct your grammar/vocabulary

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How to ace an interview

- Learn how to improve and progress in every Interview experience - Know and apply the STAR format when answering interview questions - Acquire the skills in interpreting interview nonverbals - Practice for interviews

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How to build an argument

- Be able to debate on specific topic - Learn how to convince people by building arguments - Learn the vocabulary to give your opinion

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About my job

- To understand what is the meaning of words by understanding the context - To practice your communication skills

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Edit your CV

- Advice on how to make a resume - Help to use the right words in French

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Mock interviews

- Practice a mock interview in French - Review the previous sessions - Be ready for the job integration !

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