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60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

This class is for you if you want to learn to pronounce Danish words, increase Danish vocabulary, improve your Danish listening skills, become less shy about speaking Danish and have fun and listen to music. TV segment about my class with student interviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjr5WyYz2Lc

About the teacher

I came to Denmark as a refugee from Bosnia Herzegovina and started in Danish school for the first time in 8th grade therefor I can relate to some of the problems you might have trying to learn Danish. For me it was horrible being the only kid in class who couldn't speak Danish and I remember I used to cry myself to sleep at night, if I knew I had to read out loud or do a presentation in Danish the next day. This experience has taught me that a teacher should show empathy and try to help his student overcome the fear about speaking a new language and also improving the communication skills in the best way possible .


What you will learn

After taking this course you will feel more secure about pronouncing Danish words and expand your vocabulary. Moreover your listening skills will improve and you will be able to understand when Danes speak faster. And last but not least your shyness about speaking Danish will disappear because you know that Danes will understand you right away.

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The lessons

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Learn Danish pronouncing and vocabulary

Most Danish teachers will tell you that the entrance to Danish language is pronunciation. This is why we will focus on this in the beginning. Furthermore we will work with vocabulary and listening skills because Danish people tend to talk fast.

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Pronunciation in details

Danish letters like ø and æ can be difficult to pronounce clearly and if pronounced wrong they give the words a complete different meaning. However the letter t can also be pronounced in at least 4 different ways depending on where it is in the word. I will teach you to pronounce these letters correctly by focusing on the rhythm of the language.

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Vocabulary and expressions

The reason I use rap music instead of other forms of music for teaching Danish is because in rap there are many everyday words and expressions that you can use afterwards in conversation with your Danish friends and colleagues. Even the word indkøbskurv is included in one of the songs I use. This word can be difficult to pronounce but is useful when you go shopping. By repeating these words that rhyme you will memorize them fast and be able to use them in everyday life.

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