Hi, I'm Daniel

I come from: Australia

I live in: Copenhagen

Meetings in total: 6

Verified: Email address

Occupation: Construction

Member since: 13/05/2019

I speak:
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I learn:

Total beginner

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More about me:
I grew up with English as my native language but also speak Mandarin as a second language. For potential long term career prospects and just to meet Danish people, I would like improve my Dansk. I currently work on an international building project with many foreign stakeholders who struggle to understand each other. I expect since most Danes can already speak english quite well, that you would perhaps want to just add some Australian accent to your already very capable English. Meanwhile, I must warn you I previously dropped out of Danish class after three weeks and also failed a 3 week intensive Swedish class when I was living in Stockholm. Many would consider me beyond saving. Look forward to meeting you :)
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