What is Swap Language?

Do you remember the hours and hours in school when you were learning a foreign language? For most of us, all this effort came into vain, because we forgot all of it as we left the classroom and now we barely remember how to introduce ourselves in a second language.

Why is that?

We believe it is the lack of motivation. If you are learning a foreign language in your own country, chances are little that you can practice with a native speaker. And if you can’t use the language you are learning, what will stop you from forgetting it again?

You may have already heard the rule that we remember only 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear and 30% of what we see. This rule was introduced by Edgar Dale, one of the leading american educators. Listening, reading and thoughtless repeating is usually the way we learn languages in the classroom. The same rule also states that we remember 80% of what we experience and 95% of what we teach others. And that is what Swap Language is about.

In Swap Language, you find a language partner and exchange your own language for the one you want to learn. You are learning by experiencing, experimenting and trying out for yourself.

About us

We are just like you. Two young guys who spent hours studying language and then desperately looked for a person to practice with. Since we spent weeks looking for a language partner without success, we though it was time to change things.

Swap language was started during our studies in Denmark. At the moment we have several thousand members practicing all over the world.

If you want to improve your language skills, sign up for free here www.swaplanguage.com/register.

Are you a company and looking for somebody working with communication and cultural understanding? See our page for collaboration www.swaplangauge.com/partners or our available vacancies www.swaplanguage.com/jobs.