Be precise in your communication, when learning a language
Be accurate and precise in your communication
2nd May 2016
When you want to learn a foreign language, don't forget to have patience.
Patience is a universal language
2nd May 2016

5 easy ways to get the conversation started

Easy ways to start the conversations with your tandem-partner

Conversation topics for tandem-partner meetings

The primary goal with having a tandem-partner is to improve your language skills and have an interesting conversation. But what should you talk about?

Don’t worry! We have some suggestions for you! Take a look at them and see if you can use them and start interesting conversations for your next tandem-partner meeting:

Make a presentation about yourself

Give your tandem-partner a chance to get to know the lovely person who is beneath that beautiful face of yours.
It can be everything! Family members, work, interests, funny stories and so on! It’s all about getting the talk going, right?

Tell about your culture

How is the culture in your country? This topic can be very interesting to hear and learn about for your tandem-partner! This topic is so big, and every person can define his/her culture differently. For example, the Danes has this crazy idea that you HAVE to drink snaps (schnapps) to all the Christmas parties, whom no one really likes?

Traditional traditions and strange traditions

How do you celebrate Christmas with your family? Do you open the presents the day after Christmas eve, or do you not give presents because Christmas is all about the love? Does your uncle dress up as Santa Claus for the kids?
This is just one out of many traditional traditions which can start interesting conversations.

If these topics get boring, you could tell about your own special tradition you have with your friend where you go winter bathing the 1 of January. Or what about the one where you and your friends buy random plane tickets to the cheapest destinations and have a blast for the weekend!
The possibilities are countless!

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Another conversation starter is to compare your countries!
This is a very common thing, but we thought we might as well mention it! But when you are rambling on about your different stories, try to compare the experiences with you tandem-partners, and see what crazy things you have done in the different countries. You could also both bring something from you home culture. Imagine a Dane bringing his schnapps (which he will say tastes good. It doesn’t) and a Mexican bringing his Tequila. Who knows what will happen next?

Sayings and wordplay

Teach each other to use some traditional sayings from your language. In Denmark you could say: I’ll write that down behind my ear. This means I’ll remember that for when I need it. Or are you about to go cucumber, instead of going bananas?

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