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2nd May 2016
Be precise in your communication, when learning a language

Be accurate and precise in your communication

Be explicit in your communication Your communication needs to be clear and cut into pieces when talking to people from other cultures. When you are communicating with your tandem-partner, remember that he/she might interpret what you are saying differently. This can be because you are used to communicate in different languages. […]
2nd May 2016
When you want to learn a foreign language, don't forget to have patience.

Patience is a universal language

Have patience – you are both learning a foreign language When you have a tandem-partner meeting it is very important to give and show patience when learning a foreign language. The purpose of a tandem-partner meeting is to learn from each other. Therefore, you need to keep the following in […]
3rd May 2016
Expectations are important, when learning a language with a tandem-partner

The first meeting and your expectations to learn a language

The first meeting with your tandem-partner Have you found your tandem-partner yet? Create a user and head to the FEED and see if there is anyone in your city and start learning the language you want! If you have found a tandem-partner, the next step is to make contact. You have […]
17th September 2016
How to keep Danes from speaking English to you!

How to keep Danes from speaking English to you!

How to stop Danes from speaking English to you When learning Danish it can be hard to practice the language with others than your tandem-partner and at the language centre you are studying. They know that it takes a lot of effort to speak Danish, and that words are hard […]
18th April 2017
Speaking a Foreign Language Makes Your More Attractive

Why Speaking A Foreign Language Makes You More Attractive

Are you aiming for a more successful love life? Start learning a foreign language. New study shows that the majority of the UK and US population thinks that speaking another language makes you more attractive. Bilinguality Improves Your Career And Love Life CNN reports that 71 % of Americans and […]