When learning a language with a tandem-partner, there are some different effective ways to learn easy
What is your most effective way of learning new languages?
1st May 2016

Learning languages delays Alzheimers up to 5 years

When you learn a new language with a tandem-partner, it can delay Alzheimers

Learning a language with a tandem-partner delays your Alzheimers

This is not new knowledge, but we still find this topic interesting, and want to share it with you!

Are you already forgetting where you put your smart phone 5 minutes ago? Well, that is nothing compared to having Alzheimers. You will probably forget where you put yourself, before losing your phone!

Now, what if I told you that there is a way of protecting yourself from the “unforgettable” disease. You just have to learn a new language! You could say that the new language you are learning delays Alzheimers. Instead of having to take pills, you only need to focus on getting smarter, which has numerous benefits!

Here are 3:

  • It delays Alzheimers
  • You get to express yourself in new ways
  • You can call anyone from Spain and have a chat (if learning Spanish)

Read about the most effective way of learning here

Research showed that people who are monolingual is diagnosed with Alzheimers 5 years earlier than the bilingual. Dr. Ellen Bialystok was the researcher on this investigation, and she also pointed out that you cannot stop the disease, only postpone it. It has better impact on you if you use your second language regularly.
This is a great incentive to find a tandem-partner and improve your language skills.

Great topic for your next tandem-meeting: What would you spend your extra 5  years on?

Hurry up and find your tandem-partner before you forget it!

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