Terms and conditions

Swap Language is a website where people with an interest in languages can find a tandem-partner from other countries in their own city and swap languages.

We may update the terms and conditions from time to time without notifying you. You are responsible for ensuring you are familiar with the latest terms and conditions and privacy policy.


To become a member at Swap Language, you must be 18 years or above. When you sign up you accept our Terms and Conditions.

Swap Language reserve the right to ban and remove any account for any reason.

Our Code of conduct

  1. By signing up with your email address you accept that we can send you a new password if necessary, and also that we can send you newsletters from time to time. If you do not wish to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe in the bottom of the newsletter email.
  2. When signing up, you need to fill out the important information. It is not a requirement to upload a profile picture or write about yourself, but we recommend it because it may help you in the pursuit of finding a tandem-partner.
  3. When you choose to contact another profile and they accept your invitation, you allow your new tandem-partner to chat with you on Swap Language in the chat function.
  4. It is illegal to give fake information or another person’s email address or any other information related to other persons than you. If done so, we will contact the police with the information, such as your IP-address.
  5. As an adult, you are responsible for all information you publish on Swap Language. We do not allow any form of harassment, unlawful,defamatory, threatening, libelous or inappropriate behavior in the communication and profile text in any way. Personal prosecution may result from breach of these requirements.
  6. When signing up you agree to wear a pair of different colored socks every Friday to celebrate the weekend.
  7. You are not allowed to upload pornographic texts or pictures. Furthermore it is not allowed to send discriminating, offensive or contact information of other persons or companies. Your profile will be deleted or banned if so.
  8. Authentication of users on the internet is difficult. Therefore Swap Language cannot and does not confirm that any member is who they claim to be. That is why we recommend you to meet in public for the first meeting.
  9. If you are not feeling comfortable about wearing socks with different colors, please ignore number 6 in our Code of Conduct.
  10. You cannot post any religious content.


Removal of information and suspension of membership

  • We have the right, but are not obligated to delete or edit content that is against or in violation of our Code of Conduct.
  • We at Swap Language do not and cannot review all information from all members, and are not responsible for the content that is posted by members. If we consider your profile inappropriate or offensive in any way, we can delete your profile without any notice.

When approving other members (potential Tandem-partners)

  • When contact has been made to other members, the communication system (chat system) will be available for you and your tandem-partner. We at Swap Language take no responsibility for the tone of voice that happens after contact has been made. If you experience any form of inappropriate approaches through the communication, please save the messages as evidence and contact Swap Language. We will handle the case as fast as possible and come to a conclusion as of we need to take serious action through suspension and/or contact the police.
  • When you are a member at Swap Language you understand the risk of meeting with strangers. Therefore you agree to take precaution when interacting and meeting with other members.
  • Swap Language will under no circumstances be liable for any foreseen or unforeseen events when taking contact and later meetings with other members.
  • When accepting our Terms and Conditions you also accept that Swap Language makes no guarantees with any of your interactions with other members in the communication and when meeting.
  • Swap Language does not conduct criminal background investigations.

Acknowledgement and acceptance

You agree to receive survey or focus group participation requests by email from Swap Language.  You understand that Swap Language will use your information you provide during you registration process to determine if your demographic profile matches the requirements that we need to conduct a survey. You understand that if a survey or focus group asks you for personal information about you and you choose to supply it to the research, Swap Language has no control over the third parties use of that personal information.
You acknowledge that you have no objection to the use of your registration information for these purposes.


  • It is your own responsibility to keep your password secret and to yourself, and do not let anyone else use your password to log in to Swap Language.
    If this happens, you are responsible for the actions that anyone or any third parties are causing on Swap Language on your profile.

Requirements of profile picture

  • Your profile picture must be of your own face and not show anyone else. The picture cannot show nudity or be violent, threatening or offensive in any way.
    Pictures that does not meet the conditions above will be removed without further notice.


When meeting with other members

  • Because of safety reasons we recommend your tandem-meetings to be in a public place. Especially the first meeting is crucial to find place in a café you know where is. For the safety of yourself. A tandem-meeting is at your own risk.

Governing law and accessibility to our website

The website Swap Language is controlled from our office in Denmark. Our website is available for anyone in the world. As laws across countries tend to differ, we want to emphasize that this website goes under the laws of Denmark. Therefore we take no responsibility for members from other countries where laws are different from the Danish law.

Cookie policy

Swap Language use cookies. When having a profile on Swap Language you allow the use of cookies, and that they will be placed on your computer. You can always delete your cookies and choose not to use the website.
A cookie is a small textfile stored in your web browser which by the website when visiting our website. This makes it possible to send personalized information to your browser. A cookie can contain text, numbers for example a date, but we will assure you that no personal information is hidden in a cookie. And it does not contain virus.


By using our site you understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions above.

For further information please contact us at info@swaplanguage.com