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Why you should take this course

This course is useful for those who have just moved to Denmark and aren't yet fluent in English. It can also be useful for people that are looking to move to an English speaking country and neet to practise the language. It will allow one to buy food and gain self-confidence in speaking English.

About the teacher

I am a half-English, half-Italian 25-year-old. I recently moved to Aarhus from Italy, and I will start studying Business in September. My previous bachelor is in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, therefore I am experienced in language learning.


What you will learn

After this course, you will be able to follow through with the main event in life - in English. From shopping to having a night out in town, you will be fluent enough to enjoy the culture.

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The lessons

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In the grocery store

With this lesson, you will learn how to get around the grocery store. You will acquire a general knowledge of items in stores and you will be able to ask for information.

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Ordering coffee

During this lesson, we will practice coffee ordering. One part of the lesson will be theoretical, while the other part will be practical.

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Meeting new people

How to greet people and how to ask simple questions and have a conversation. With this lesson, you will learn what to say when meeting new people.

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Looking for a job

With this lesson, you will learn how to look for a job in English through the practice of sentences.

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You will learn how to buy tickets and ask for information on travelling, short and long-distance.

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The basics of grammar

You will be learning how to write simple sentences correctly in English.

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