The hitchhiker's guide to Danish





60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Take this course, if you love traveling and meeting new people. Hitchhiking will not only save you a lot of money. It will take you on a path you never expected to go and it is absolutely amazing! I promise you that this will be a new era in your life!

About the teacher

I have taught over 100 students in conversational Danish, and I have hitchhiked across Europe multiple times. Whenever I go anywhere in Denmark I choose to hitchhike and that has been so for the past 10 years.


What you will learn

People taking my course will have a strong understanding of intermediate vocabulary and phrases that will help you to hitchhike successfully. When you are done learning you will master the Danish language around how to prepare for your trip, where to stand and how to hitchhike.

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27/10/2019 10.58.50

Danish could be a tricky language, but learning it with Nichlas was a completely different experience. His way of teaching is engaging and immersive. By the end of my first lesson I was confident that if I chose to hitchhike across Denmark, I would have no problems whatsoever. Thanks, Nichlas!

The lessons

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How to prepare

Phrases and knowledge on prepararing your adventure.

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Where to stand

Phrases and knowledge on where to stand for a successful hitchhike.

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How to hitch the ride

Phrases and knowledge about actually doing it.

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How to survive small talk in the car

Phrases and knowledge about conversational techniques.

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