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60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Take a practical course will help you to get a better understanding and relation with regard to concepts, meanings, uses and customs in two big cultures such as Spanish and Latin America everyday Spanish.

About the teacher

Cooking Spanish food and teaching the lenguage it's the perfect way for me because you can meet the culture about Spain and Latin America throw the food. I have a Danish profession degree assessed by the Danish Ministry in Kitchen Management The study programme comprises subjects such as: Pre-processing and Conservation Processes in The Kitchen, Kitchen Production Management, Hygiene and Food Safety Management, Gastronomy and Nutrition as well as Baking and Pastry. The study programme also includes a work placement in my case with a children house in Soria, Spain.


What you will learn

They will have learnt how becoming fluent in Spanish while they are cooking typical Spanish food with typs, sources of knowledge, practical examples, discipline and hardworking. We also are going to have knowledge in Latin America culture.

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The lessons

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En Español ¡Tortilla de Patata!

Grammar Verbo "estar" + "gerundio" Through clear grammar bases and practical examples.

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