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Why you should take this course

If you are planning on making Danish friends and connecting with the locals, you need to know the common expressions and what Danes say among each other.

About the teacher

I'm Allan, an energetic 29 year old, who lived more than 3 years abroad. I know how important it is to be able to speak and act like the locals when making new friends - it's often what makes the difference.


What you will learn

This course will make you capable of understanding slang and phrases that ONLY Danes can teach you. When you are in a real situation with Danes, you will have a bigger chance of connecting with them in their mother tongue.

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14/10/2019 19.01.18

A really great option for those who already know some basic danish grammar, and want a focus on danish as it's applied in real life!

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09/10/2019 21.01.02

Excellent language lesson with Allan! I was surprised by how much material it was possible to cover in jut one fast-paced lesson. The dialogue was much closer to danish spoken in real life compared to study books, and I was able to get more feedback on my pronunciation than in the whole 2 years of regular language school!

The lessons

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You unexpectedly meet an old friend in Rema 1000

I have prepared 35 words and expressions + a dialogue we will go through with you as the main character. We will be using the expressions in different situations so you remember them for the real situation. A recording of the dialogue follows. In the end, we will listen to 1 famous Danish song and talk about its meaning.

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The story of you oversleeping

33 new words and expressions followed by a dialogue with you as the main character. A recording will follow so you can improve your pronunciation. We will be using the words from last lesson and this lesson in daily situations.

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At a Danish Dinner party part 1

32 new words and expressions you can use in the context of dinner parties, get-togethers and daily situations. You will have a dialogue that is performed between you and the guests of this fictional party. A recording is being attached so you can practice your pronunciation. We will finish off with a Danish famous song and talk about its meaning.

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At a Danish dinner party part 2

23 new words and expressions you will find useful, especially in a daily life context at parties and get-togethers. The dialogue is about you and the guests and we will practice all the new expressions together. A recording is attached and we will in the end go through a Danish song together.

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Informal test of the 123 words and expressions

In this lesson we will go through some exercises that will bring your full attention to remember the words and expressions we have gone through during this course.

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