Baggage what? - Phrases and expressions for travelling





60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Imagine that you are going on your next holiday. Whatever means of transport you choose, you will not have to worry about that you cannot read the signs, you do not know how to ask for information, what to press in the airline's or railway company's app to purchase your tickets. You will know ALL of these. You can leave your worries behind and enjoy your next holiday knowing that you can handle anything while travelling.

About the teacher

I'm a 25-year-old professional teacher who has recently moved to Aarhus from Hungary. I have a Master's degree in teaching English, therefore I know exactly what methods and strategies to use if you want to expand your vocabulary, if you want to practise writing or speaking, or if you just want to master English in general. I'm a hard-working, enthusiastic, and precise person, so you can expect fun, filled with games but informative lessons from me. Besides, I have tried all means of transport that I'm going to teach about, so I have my own personal experience with them.


What you will learn

You will get familiar with phrases and expressions used at airports and railway stations. You will be able to talk about the parts of the car and the bike, as well as parts of the ship. You will be able to ask for directions and help if you get lost at an airport or a railway station. You will be able to check-in at an aiport or buy a train ticket at a railway station.

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The lessons

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How to get by at an aiport

You will learn about the facilities found at an airport. You will get to know the signs - what they look like and their meaning. You will be able to name some parts of the airplane. You will learn how to use an airline's app for buying your ticket, checking-in, and other purchases.

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Orient Express - Travelling by train

Similarly to the previous lesson, you will get to know the facilities at a railway station, together with the signs found there. You will get to know some parts of the train. You will learn what to say when you want to buy train tickets either at the railway station or in an app.

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How to travel on the sea

Either it is a ship or a ferry, you will learn about the parts and facilities of it, as well as the signs to get by on board. You will be able to purchase tickets for yourself, talk to the crew about your needs, or express your opinion on the sea.

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Travelling by car

You will learn how to speak about the parts of the car, as well as the working of the car. If your car breaks down or if you have to buy a parking ticket, you will be able to carry out those activities, too.

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Using a bicycle

You will be able to talk about the parts of a bike. You will know how to call the road signs. You will be able to take your bike to repair shop.

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You will revise everything we have covered in the last five lessons - but in a fun, interactive way. You will be able to role play all the situations connected to travelling.

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