How to smalltalk like a Dane


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60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Learn how to communicate easier and more smooth in Danish by using simple sentences that are very helpful when you want to get to know other people better and maybe even make good new friends

About the teacher

As a passionate psychology student, tourist guide, promoter and teacher I know how important it is to make a good first impression.


What you will learn

After this course you will be able to have a natural conversation about different small talk topics. You will learn words and phrases that are very useful for everyday situations

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27/10/2019 18.48.40

Benjamin is probably the most positive teacher you’ll ever have. I’m a total beginner and thanks tp his patience and structured teaching I’m slowly easing into the Danish language :) 100 recommend!

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12/10/2019 17.00.40

Well prepared, fun, learned a lot

The lessons

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Introducing yourself

Learn how to introduce yourself and describe other people through dialogue papers and a vocabulary.

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Personal life

Learn how to ask good questions to people about their personal lives trough exercises in asking, listening and understanding.

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Danish humour

Making other people laugh can strenghten many relationships and make you feel even more a part of a group. Danes love their humour, even though it can be very tricky sometimes. In this lesson we will look at some examples of Danish humour and practise it. In the end you will hopefully have learned how to tell your own jokes. It is going to be funny.

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Topics Danes like to talk about

Some topics are common in almost every small talk conversation. We will go through some of them, and you will practise how to answer appropriately by making your own sentences.

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Describing situations and previous experiences

Through a practical exercise you will learn how to describe the world around you by using your senses.

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Dreams and passions

We all have some hobbies and plans for the future we want to share with other people. Become better to express yourself by taking this lesson, which focuses on the speaking part. Who knows maybe you'll find out that you and your neighbour share some similar interests.

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