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Why you should take this course

The course is highly adaptable to your needs and current competence. I am known for establishing bonds with my students, and it is something I take pride in. I like learning from people while teaching. As a philologist and engineer, I am really competent at analyzing the language with you, breaking it into pieces, and help you to build your own speech. Either yo are facing a terrible exam, or just want to delve into Spanish language itself, we will establish together our own goal in a reasonable time frame. I like to keep an eye on the good side of learning; my personal approach to languages usually is "if you have fun, the learning outcomes will stay with you".

About the teacher

I am an easy-going guy, and my friends often describe me as an energetic and passionate. I like building connections with the people I teach and, most of all, I like learning from you as a student while you learn. I am an engineer and philologist, so I am quite good at analyzing the language with the students, so the grammar becomes easy and comprehensive. My approach usually is "enjoy while learning". wWith a bit of effort, you will be surprised of what you can do. I am professionally competent in English, French and German, so international students may find me also helpful. Although I come from Madrid, Spain, I have lived in France and Austria in recent years. To sum up, maybe my hobbies may offer a pic of me: I like biking, mountain sports, graphic arts (I love street art and audiovisuals), martial arts (aikido) and chess.


What you will learn

You will enhance your conversation skills, grammar, and overall linguistic competence.

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The lessons

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Real conversation-based Spanish lesson

Departing from your current command of the language, we will build on it to enhance you competence at speaking and expressing yourself. My goal here will be getting you comfortable at expressing your thoughts and impressions, referring to your daily reality and every-day life.

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