Basics in German through immersion and games


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Why you should take this course

Immersion is a great way to learn. You need to use what ever you know and that will make you learn more very fast. Don't think of you level now, no matter what level you are, you will be able to participate and after an hour you'll be able to express yourself in some sence

About the teacher

When you learn a new language there are some words that are important for you to know before you are able to express yourself. I have been teaching children and grown ups, german through immersion in the USA and I know what the difficulties are when you learn a new language. I learned german myself when I lived in germany and learned most when I was immersion in the language living with people who didn't speak much english.


What you will learn

I will do a session of german teaching through immersion. It might be a little hard at first, but you will learn in a fun way and have great ah-ha experiences, where you really get the meaning. You learn through games and context which is both fun and a great way to remember what you learn. I will not just tell you what a word means, but you will learn the words and really try hard to understand becouse you have a reason to learn, a task to solve or a need to expres your self.

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Anders was a phenomenal teacher. I am a beginner in German, but Anders' games were super easy for me to grasp and it stimulated great conversation! I would recommend it to any beginner in German.

The lessons

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"Fass an" and other small games

We will play a couple of games which are good for learing basic vocabular. The first is called "Fass an" which means "touch" basically we need to say diffenrent things that we need to touch. This is a game good for kids, but when learning a new language easy games like these are good.

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Karten spielen

I love playing card games and I have a couple of good ones, I'd like to teach you. Playing cards are fun but the point is not to get good at the games but foor you to understand the game and for you to be able to couple the vocabular of the games with the actions and then you'll be able to remember it for other situations in your life

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Lieder singen

Singing is cozy also when you don't sing that well. Remembering the lyrics and coupling them to a melody is a great way of learning. I also know a lot of good german music, that I could recommend you. It's about make interacting with the language fun

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Now I could pick an activity that is german, but I do yoga well and it is a good way of learning the vocabular for body parts and movements

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