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60 minutes lessons

Why you should take this course

Would you like to start learning Spanish? With this course I will teach you the basics so you can start speaking Spanish as soon as possible. With this course, learning a new language will not be something boring or hard. It will be funny, entertaining and motivating

About the teacher

Mi name is Jennifer Martin. I'm a 23 years old girl from Spain. I love to travel around the world. When I finished my tourism degree in Spain I moved to Denmark. I got in love of a danish guy and this scandinavian country. Right now Im studying danish and Im doing a master online. Its not my first time as a teacher, in Spain I used to make children ready for English Trinity exam and Im also teaching Spanish in Slagelse.


What you will learn

This course is for beginners so they will learn many new things: presentations, the time, basic verbs, basic grammar... Anyway if you already know some of these topics, I encourage you to try my course because Im totally flexible and depends on the group we can vary the level.

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The lessons

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Telling about yourself

In the first lessons we will focus in the speaking part and we will start learning: -Telling a bit about yourself -Asking about others -Asking how someone is doing

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We ask others

After learn how make a presentation about ourselves its time to ask others: -Asking someone their name -Where they live, and where they are from -Asking someone which languages they speak

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What time is it?

-Review of presentations -Learning what time is it -Parts/moments of the day -Seasons in the year

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A bit of grammar is also important

- Pronouns - Sentences structure - W questions - (...)

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