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Why you should take this course

This course is intended for a lot of different situations! If you are going on a trip to Spain and want to be well prepared and get to know the culture and language before arriving there so that you can experience the country at its maximum, or if you want to communicate with your Spanish friends (also southamerican) or family, or if you are just interested in languages and want to expand your possibilities since Spanish is spoken by around 440 million people and is an official language in more than 20 countries! Even if you plan on travelling around different countries of the world speaking Spanish would really help!

About the teacher

I've been a teacher of languages for several years in my home country and now that I moved to Denmark I know what the struggle of arriving to a different country without any idea of what the culture shock is going to be, and I want to share my knowledge with all of you Danes! (and not danes too hehe). As a teaching strategy I take conversation as key, and as a Cognitive Science student I know what the best way to learn a language is, which happens to be the most entertaining one! Grab a beer, or a coffee, and tell me what you want to gain from these journey together, I'll do my best to show you what it is like to speak Spanish like a native! And also, get ready for some great Spanish music collection (any genre you like). See you in class!


What you will learn

You will acquire skills to communicate in basic situations (such as checking in at the hotel) but also in common Spanish get-togethers so that you can feel comfortable in any kind of setting. From ordering a coffee to meeting new people in the center of the city, Spain has a great night life. On the other hand, you will know about typical Spanish food, landmarks of the country, the music they listen to...

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The lessons

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During this first lesson, we'll first decide what your specific preferences are, and I'll work on a god course that is customised for you. We'll go through all the basic vocabulary for arriving at a new country, and how to introduce yourself. For grammar, you'll learn the personal pronouns, the different accents in Spain (there are a lot), also depending on what place you'll visit (or if you will visit Spain or not), and a brief introduction to how verbs work. For the oral part, I'll show you how to physically make the phonetic sounds that may be hard for you depending on the language you speak. For listening, apart from the Spanish you'll hear from me, we'll listen to a Spanish song and analyse the lyrics. (2 classes)

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Getting around

For vocabulary, you'll learn about the different kinds of public transport, how it works, how to ask for anything, sightseeing or ordering at the shop. For grammar, you'll learn how to form affirmative/negative sentences, and the conjugation for the present simple, to be able to express how you feel or think at a given moment. We'll perfect the phonetics and listen to a new song! (2 classes)

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How to not sound awkward in Spanish

For vocabulary we'll go through words to express feelings or states, you'll get to know some common expressions/sayings that will impress whoever hears you saying them, and you'll learn vocabulary for socialising in different settings. For the grammar, we'll touch upon how to form questions, the prepositions and articles so you can connect words and make complete meaningful sentences! We'll sing a very famous song of a pop singer from Spain! (2 classes)

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The culture

We'll talk about the different typical dishes, our eating schedule, the vocabulary for parks and the tradition of neighbourhood festivals! For the grammar, you'll learn how to make conditionals, irregular conjugations and the different prefixes and suffixes there are. New song! This time it's a rap singer, a very unique one! (2 classes)

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