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watching lesson webp

watching lesson webp

You want to speak Danish, but the problem is…

You lose motivation.

You feel Danish is too hard.

You always end up speaking English.

We know how it feels to…

… be the international in a new country. At Swap Language we help you into the society so you can start living like a local.

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woman learning webp

Lessons So Motivating It Will Blow Your Socks Off

Our teachers are experts in keeping the students motivated by teaching everyday language in a fun and creative way.

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motivational teacher webp

Get A Confidence Kick That Will Make You Never Want To Switch To English Again

Our learning methods guarantee that you fast build up your confidence to help you overcome the fear of switching to Danish.

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all devices webp

Never Be Late For Class Again

We know your time is valuable. All your Danish lessons are here, on your device, waiting for you when you have time.

Let Nichlas tell you how we can help you start speaking Danish

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Are you already enrolled in a language school? 


Traditional language schools tend to focus more on getting you through a test, than preparing you for life in real situations. Communicating with classmates or colleagues and understanding what’s happening around you are most likely more useful for your daily life.  We show you how the locals use Danish in real situations.

When and how can I cancel my subscription?


You can cancel your subscription at any time by entering your settings when you have an account.

How do the lessons work?


When you are sitting in a live lesson, you can chat with the teacher, and the teacher responds by answering in the lesson. The teacher asks you questions you can answer. You are also able to write questions to the teacher during the lesson.   When you are watching a lesson on-demand, you can press pause, go fast forward and go back as much as you like.

How do I know if I can learn with the lessons?


When it comes to language learning, we are all on different levels. That is why you can try out the lessons for 14-days free of charge. You can start in the lesson that you find most interesting.

More testimonials

Graphic designer

I love fast-paced learning and I have improved way faster than in a language school.

star star star star star
University Student

I learnt more Danish in 3 lessons than I have in 2 months as university and I am studying Danish as a major.

star star star star star

After watching the “Grocery Shopping” lessons I started speaking with the staff without feeling embarrassed. It feels liberating!

star star star star star

Yes, we know Danish is hard. But we’ll lead the way.

Try the 14-day free trial and feel your Danish improve. No obligation. No reason not to try.