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At Swap Language you get original online Danish lessons that keep you entertained until you SPEAK it.

You want to speak Danish, but the problem is…



You lose motivation





You are too busy to go to a language school





You feel guilty when not practicing





You always end up speaking English

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16 Motivating Danish Lessons Monthly

Watch Danish lessons with teachers who go ALL the way, from Tiger Joe, The Danish Matrix,

 fitness themes and so on.

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We know you are busy

with everything else than learning Danish. That's why you can access all lessons and materials on-demand when it fits you.

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Learn online and practice in real-life with Danes

Access to all learning materials (videos, exercises etc.)

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What do our users say?

Graphic designer
I love fast-paced learning and I have improved way faster than in a language school.
I learned more Danish in 3 lessons than I have in 2 months at university and I am studying Danish as a major.
The personalized courses are perfect for me. I feel like I can start speaking now!