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Doc Lesson 2 Beginner Summer Version.pdf

Lesson description:

- Ask for directions and understand the answers
- Learn how you pronounce the words and phrases like a Dane.
- Breaking out of your comfort zone by shouting with everyone!

Overview of the lesson
00:00 – 03:15 Presentation
03:16 – 28:30 Last lesson recap
28:31 – 37:07 Asking for directions
37:08 – 39:09 Shouting time! (Winner found)
39:10 – 41:49 Shout from the balcony

About the teacher:

Nichlas Walsted

Since 2017, Nichlas has been teaching Danish to beginners. His focus is to boost your confidence and vocabulary so you can use it in your daily life. Nichlas has learned Spanish, English and Norwegian from scratch, so he understands the struggles and challenges you are experiencing when learning Danish.