Welcome to swaplanguage.com. In the Terms of Service, Swap Language ApS willbe referred to as ("Swap Language", "we" or "us"). Your use of the Service is acknowledged as your acceptance of Swap Languages Terms of Service and to the collection of your information as explained in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, whether you are a registered user or a visitor of the Service. This applies to visitors, users and others who access the Service.

1. The purpose of the website

Swap Language is breaking down language barriers all over the world. We do that by enabling native speakers to share and teach their language and culture in-person in their local area.

Anyone should be able to find a language partner or a language teacher in their nearby area.

2. Meaning of key words

Swap Language ApS: Swap Language, We, Us.This is the name of the website and company.
User: A user refers to all visitors, users and others who access Swap Language.A Swapper is any user who has signed up and has a profile on Swap Language.
Swapper: A Swapper can set up free Swap meetings and attend Group Swaps hosted by Ambassadors.
Lead Ambassador: A Lead Ambassador is a Swapper who voluntarily chooses to manage a Community page on Swap Language. A Lead Ambassador can change the Communities profile picture, add and remove Ambassadors and make Group Swaps.
Ambassador: An Ambassador is a Swapper who voluntarily chooses to help the Lead Ambassador managing the Community page. An Ambassador can create and host Group Swaps.
Language Teacher: A Swapper who also made a Language Service within a specific topic he/she wants to offer.
Free Services There are many different services Swap Language offers completely for free, such as 1on1 Swaps, join Communities, join Group Swaps, become a Lead Ambassador and Ambassador. We are always working on new functionalities for the free community so we can achieve our vision to break down language barriers.
Paid Services A Swapper who also made a Language Service within a specific topic he/she wants to offer.

3. Scope of the Swap Language Services

The Swap Language platform is an online marketplace that enables registered users ("Swapper") and third parties who offer services (Swappers and third parties who offer language services are "Language Teachers" and the services they offer are "Language Services") to publish such Language Services on the Swap Language platform. The Language Teachers can communicate and transact with Swappers that want to book such Language Services. Language Services may include language learning created by the Language Teachers and taught by them in-person where the Language Teacher and Swapper agree to have the Language Service.

All users on Swap Language will be referred to as Swappers. They can have different roles within the platform such as ("Ambassador"), ("Lead Ambassador") and Language Teacher. The Swapper has free access to request in-person 1on1 language meetings ("Swaps") with other Swappers who have the language combination the Swapper wishes to practice. Furthermore, they can join free in-person group language meetings ("Group Swaps"), take free local activity missions in their area ("Missions") and create or attend free ("Culture Swaps"). These activities are all available in cities where there are ("Communities"). Communities are run by voluntary Lead Ambassadors and Ambassadors. We will in the Terms refer to ("Users") when it is relevant for all the different roles, Swapper, Ambassador, Lead Ambassador and Language Teacher. All the Services on the platform and website itself are referred to as ("Swap Language Platform")

Swap Language is the provider of the online marketplace and platform, but Swap Language does not own, provide, control, sell, resell, manage, offer, deliver or supply any Language Services. It is solely the Language Teachers who are responsible for the Language Services they provide. Language Teachers are independent contractors and not employees, partners, representatives, agents, joint ventures, or franchisees of Swap Language. A Language Teacher's relationship with Swap Language is limited to being an independent, third-party contractor. When Swappers make a booking and accept a Language Service, the whole communication and process is between the Swapper and the Language Teacher. Swap Language is not a party or a participant in any relation between Swappers who meet for free and between Swappers and Language Teachers.

Swap Language may help facilitate the resolution of disputes, but we have no control over and do not guarantee:

  • The existence, quality, safety, suitability, or legality of any Language Services.
  • The performance or any conduct of any Swapper or third party. We do not endorse any Swapper, Language Teacher or third party. When a Swapper is verified on Swap Language, it indicates that the Swapper has filled out all information and verified communication tools that the Swapper can be reached on. It is not an endorsement or guarantee by Swap Language that the person is safe and trustworthy.
  • The truth or accuracy of Language Services information, ratings or reviews

Any Swapper and Language Teacher can promote the Swap Language Platform in order to increase:

  • the exposure of the Language Services or,
  • achieving the vision of breaking down language barriers by letting more people know about the concept.

It can be shared and displayed on other websites, apps, emails and in online and offline advertisement. The matter of Content created will be explained in section 9

If there are problems with internet and telecommunications infrastructure in your area it is not Swap Language's responsibility because it is out of our control. We may, from time to time, temporarily restrict the availability on the Swap Language platform due to maintenance measures, capacity limits or security reasons.

Swap Language's responsibilities are limited to connecting Swappers and showing Language Services through the Swap Language Platform.

4. Eligibility

To become a Swapper on the Swap Language Platform, you must be 18 years or above. When you register an account, you may accept the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and that you are 18 or above.

You can enter Swap Language without an account, but some features of our services will require a Swap Language account. You can choose to register an account by using your email address, or login credentials from third-party social media websites. With an account you can set up in-person offline language meetings, book Language Services or become a Language Teacher yourself.

If you choose to register with a third-party service, you give Swap Language permission to access and use your information from that service. This includes storing your log-in credentials from the other third party service.

If you choose to register with your email, you accept that you have to create a secret password that only you know. When you create an account you accept to:

  • Provide accurate, current and complete information
  • Update your account information upon changes. This could for example be your current city, so other Swappers can find you and set up a Swap with you.
  • Keep your password secret, in order to secure your profile from others logging in to your account.
  • Contact Swap Language through the Report a Problem feature or direct email if any problems should arise: info@swaplanguage.com
  • Take responsibility for all activities that you are agreeing to be a part of and all activities that happens under your account and accept all risks of any access. You are liable for any and all activities conducted through your Swap Language Account.

If you create an account on Swap Language you also accept that Swap Language collects certain information on your account to make the best user experience for you and everyone else using this website. You can click on this link to our Privacy Policy to see what information we collect and the reason why.

Verification of users on the internet is hard to manage and we do not take any responsibility for Users Identity after it is confirmed on Swap Language.

Swap Language reserves the right to ban and remove any account if not following the Terms of Service.

5. Our Code of conduct

  1. By signing up with your email address or a third-party social media network account, you accept that we can send you a confirmation link and a reset password link if necessary.
  2. When signing up, Swap Language needs certain information in order to create the best user experience and make the best matching system for you. It is a requirement to upload a profile picture to be able to set up an offline, in-person language meetings with other Swappers on the platform. It is not a requirement to write about yourself, but we recommend it because it may give you more credibility and help you in the pursuit of having in-person language meetings.
  3. It is illegal to give fake information or another person's email address or any other information related to other persons than you. If done so, we will contact the police with the information, such as your IP-address.
  4. As an adult, you are responsible for all information you publish on Swap Language. We do not allow any form of harassment, unlawful, defamatory, threatening, libelous or inappropriate behavior in the communication and profile text in any way. Personal prosecution and deletion of the Swap Language profile may result from breach of these requirements.
  5. When signing up you agree to wear a pair of different colored socks every Friday to celebrate the weekend.
  6. You are not allowed to upload pornographic texts or pictures. Furthermore, it is not allowed to send discriminating, offensive or contact information of other persons or companies. Your profile will be deleted if so.
  7. Authentication of users on the internet is difficult. Therefore, Swap Language cannot and does not confirm that any user is who they claim to be. This platform involves in-person meetings, with people in real life and it can lead to many different situations. That is why we recommend you to always meet in a public place for the first meeting and that you use your common sense and judgment when you interact with others.
  8. If you are not feeling comfortable about wearing socks with different colors, please ignore number 6 in our Code of Conduct.
  9. You cannot post any religious content on your profile or in messages with other users.

6. Removal of information and suspension of Users

  • We have the right but are not obligated to delete or edit content that is against or in violation with our Code of Conduct.
  • We at Swap Language do not and cannot review all information from all users and are not responsible for the content that is posted by members. If we consider your profile inappropriate or offensive in any way, we can delete your profile without any further notice.

7. The Services Swap Language offer

Swap Language offers a booking functionality that makes it possible for any Swapper to request free Swaps with other Swappers and also book Language Services made by native speakers, Language Teachers, in their local area.

By using Swap Language you accept that Swap Language is not responsible for the free or paid services that is being given by a Swapper and Language Teacher and that We are not responsible for misunderstandings between you and the Language Teacher.

We are explaining the difference between our services here.

7.1 Free Services

Swap Language has free functionalities all Swappers can access and use. Any Swapper can request a Swap, meet with Swappers in real life, join local Communities, join Group Swaps and many other activities for free. It is a free service because the Swappers are exchanging their languages.

It is all with the purpose of making language learning more fun and enriching in real life.

7.1.1 Accepting to have a Swap with another Swapper on Swap Language

  • When a Swapper requests a Swap with another Swapper, it allows the Swappers to message each other through the message feature on Swap Language. In the meeting request, the communication will be opened between you and the other Swapper on Swap Language.
  • We recommend you to only communicate through messages on Swap Language for your safety and protection. We at Swap Language take no responsibility for the tone of voice that happens after contact has been made. If you experience any form of inappropriate approaches through the communication, please save the messages as evidence and contact Swap Language. We will handle the case as fast as possible and come to a conclusion as of we need to take serious action through suspension and/or contact the police.
  • When you are a user at Swap Language you understand the risk of meeting with strangers. Therefore, you agree to take precaution when interacting and meeting with other Swap Language users. Because of safety reasons we recommend you to meet in public places when you use the Swap Language Services.
  • Swap Language will under no circumstances be liable for any foreseen or unforeseen events when taking contact and later the offline meeting between users.
  • When accepting our Terms of Service you also accept that Swap Language makes no guarantees that you will find a Swapper. We give you the chance of finding a Swapper. Nor are we responsible of what happens in your interactions with other users in the communication and when meeting in real life or online.
  • Swap Language does not conduct criminal background investigations.

7.2 Paid Language Services

Language Teachers are offering paid Language Services based on their expertise and knowledge. They offer it on Swap Language to accommodate the user's need to learn based on their motivation.

Any User can book the Language Service and receive personalized language learning individually or in groups. All Users who want to become Language Teachers on Swap Language are treated as third parties (Freelancers).

The Language Service is being administrated and is done by the Language Teachers who offer paid services on Swap Language. Swap Language is not responsible for the quality of the service the Language Teachers provide. The Language Teachers are rated after every Language Service performed by the users who take a Language Service with the Language Teacher. We refer to section 3 for further information about the role of the Language Teacher.

7.3 Booking paid Language Services

Booking a paid Language Service always happens on Swap Language. If you have any questions, you can contact us on our email and we will get back to you as soon as possible: info@swaplanguage.com

You can also reach us on +45 28253875 from Monday to Friday between 9AM - 16PM.

8. Voluntary roles on and through the Swap Language Platform

Users may apply and sign up to become volunteers as Lead Ambassadors or Ambassadors on Community pages that Swap Language creates and makes available to them. The volunteers may personalize the Community page by organizing Group Swaps, create Missions and Culture Swaps. The Group Swaps, Missions and Culture Swaps are not sponsored or endorsed by Swap Language. Users who attend and/or go on such meetings and activities are at their own risk. The Ambassadors are not agents of Swap Language and We are not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions of the Lead Ambassadors or Ambassadors.

8.1 A Lead Ambassador's role

Every Community page on Swap Language may have a voluntary Lead Ambassador to keep the Community up to date. The Lead Ambassador may choose Users who apply to become Ambassadors in the specific Community, to help with creating Missions, hosting Group Swaps and informing new coming users about the opportunities they have in the Community.

Swap Language provides Lead Ambassadors who have been volunteering for 6 months or more with a recommendation for their help in reaching our overall vision to break down language barriers in their local area.

8.2 An Ambassador's role

All Communities may have Ambassadors who can create Missions and host Group Swaps.

Swap Language provides the Ambassadors who have been volunteering for 3 months or more with a recommendation for their help in reaching our overall vision to break down language barriers in their local area.

9. Content

Swap Language may enable Users to

  • Create, upload, post, send, receive and store content such as photos, audio, text, video, or other information on or through the Swap Language Platform.
  • Access and view User content and all content that is being made by Swap Language through the Swap Language Platform.

When you create content, you agree and acknowledge that the Swap Language platform and Swap Language Content including intellectual property rights, are property of Swap Language. You agree to not removing, altering or obscuring any trademark, copyright or any other proprietary rights. You also acknowledge and agree that Swap Language is not involved in the creation or development of user generated content, disclaims any responsibility for user generated content and can not be liable for claims arising out of or relating to user generated content. You agree and acknowledge that Swap Language has no obligation to review, monitor or remove user generated content, but reserves the right to limit or remove user generated content on the Swap Language Platform.

You as a user are solely responsible for all user content you make available on or through the Swap Language Platform. You warrant that:

  • You are the exclusive owner of all user content you make available on or through the Swap Language Platform or,
  • You have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary to grant to Swap Language.
  • You will not upload content, post, or publish that will violate Swap Language or a third party's patent, copyright, trademark, moral rights or other intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy.

By uploading, posting or making available any type of user content on Swap Language or through Swap Language, you are granting Swap Language a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, sub-licensable and transferable license to such user content to access, store, copy, use, modify, distribute, publish, transmit, stream, broadcast and exploit in any way of such user content to promote and provide the Swap Language Platform in any media or platform. The use of personal information will only be used for these purposes if it complies with the data protection laws which can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Swap Language and the Swap Language Platform respects and acknowledges the copyright law and we expect our users to do so too.

10. Terms specific for Language Teachers

A user who has a registered account on Swap Language can create a Language Service and offer it in the local area in-person. When creating a Language Service through the Swap Language Platform you:

  • Must provide accurate information about you and your Language Service.
  • Must keep your information and timetable for when you are available up to date at all times.

It is your responsibility as a Language Teacher to set a price for your Language Service. When a user requests a Language Service you are offering, you may not request a higher price from the user than your Language Service is set to.

If you have any terms and conditions in your Language Service, it must not conflict with the Swap Language Terms of Service and cancellation policies.

The structure and placement of Language Services on the Swap Language Platform depend on factors such as the users motivation to learn a language, location, price, calendar availability, quality of images, cancellation history Ratings and/or Reviews.

Any images you choose to put on your Language Service must reflect the Language Service you are offering. Swap Language reserves the right to remove inappropriate images and to require a certain standard of the images, such as size, format and resolution.

When you receive a request to your Language Services and you accept it, you are entering a legally binding agreement with the user and you are required to deliver the service that you have described in your Language Service. When using the Swap Language Platform to offer your Language Service you also agree and accept to pay the Language Teacher fee and any applicable taxes.

10.1 Approval of Language Teacher

The Language Services are being reviewed by users who take the Language Services. All new Language Teachers on Swap Language will have to perform two lessons for free in order to get the reviews that will show whether it is of high quality for the users.

If the Language Service receives between 4-5 stars in average, the Language Teacher is approved along with the Language Service.

If the Language Teacher does not reach the rating that is required, the Language Teacher can continue to teach for free and build up the teaching skills until the rating is achieved.

10.2 Removal of Language Service

Swap Language reserves the right to remove Language Services that does not live up to the required rating between 4-5 stars.

11. Terms specific for users who book and buy Language Services

If you have filled out the information carefully chosen by Swap Language you can book Language Services that are offered and made available on the Swap Language Platform. We make sure that you that all applicable fees are presented to you before you book a Language Service. When you book a Language Service on the Swap Language Platform you agree to pay the fees with your Swap Language account.

When you receive the receipt of the confirmation on your Language Service, a legally binding agreement is created between you and the Language Teacher, which includes the additional terms the Language Teacher might have and the cancellation policy. Swap Language will collect the Fees when the Language Teacher accepts to deliver the Language Service.

When you are booking a Language Service you might book it on behalf of additional guests. If you are booking on behalf of additional guests you are required to ensure that every guest meets the requirements set by the Language Teacher and that the guest is made aware of the Terms of Service, rules and restrictions and agrees to them.

If you book for a guest who is under 18 years old, you are representing and warranting that you are legally authorized to act and make decisions on behalf of the under aged kid.

When you book a Language Service you should carefully read and review the description of any Language Service that you want to book in order to ensure that you meet any requirements such as language level and age. This also covers any guests you are booking for too. You are responsible for identifying, understanding and complying with all laws, rules and regulations that apply to the Language Service. You may not bring any additional individuals to a Language Service unless the individual was added by you as an additional guest in the booking process on the Swap Language Platform.

12. Cancellations and refunds

Users who buy a Language Service can cancel at any time in agreement with the cancellation policy on Swap Language. Swap Language will refund the amount of the total fee of the Language Service that is in accordance with the cancellation policy below.

If a Language Teacher cancels a booked Language Service the user will receive a full refund of the total fees for the booking. Swap Language may publish an automated review to the Language Service and/or the Language Teacher to indicate that a Language Service was cancelled. Swap Language may impose a cancellation fee to the Language Teacher.

In some circumstances Swap Language may cancel a Language Service that has been booked on behalf of a Language Teacher or User who bought it. This will initiate refunds and payouts. If this should happen, Swap Language will notify both Language Teacher and User.

13. Cancellation policy

The Swap Language service fee is refundable if the user that booked the Language Service cancels within 48 hours of making the booking and at least 7 days before the first lesson of the Language Service will be performed by the Language Teacher.

If the user that booked the Language Service cancels less than 7 days before the first Language Service that should be given by the Language Teacher is non-refundable, but the rest of the Language Services will be refunded.

Once the first Language Service has been given by the Language Teacher to the user, and the user cancels the following Language Services, 50 % of the Language Service fee will be refunded.

If there is a complaint from the Language Teacher and/or user who bought the Language Service, you must notice Swap Language about it within 24 hours after the Language Service has been given.

Swap Language will mediate when it is necessary and has the final say in all disputes.

A reservation is officially cancelled when the user who booked a Language Service cancels the Language Service on the Cancellation page which can be found in "My Activity".

14. Payment of paid Language Services

Users are obliged to follow the booking and payment functionality when wanting to buy a paid Language Service. Any attempt to use a different payment procedure will lead to immediate exclusion of the Swap Language Platform.

When you type in your credit card credentials in a purchase it is handled and facilitated through a third-party payment service called Stripe. Stripe is one of the leading payment services in the world. Swap Language does not have any access to your credit card credentials. We are not responsible for eventual misuse of your credit card credentials. Charges shall only be made through the Swap Language platform when buying a paid service.

14.1 Service fee

To help operate the Swap Language platform, we charge a service fee from both the Language Teacher and the User who booked the Language Service.

14.1.1 Service fee for the Language Teacher

The Language Teacher service fee is 3%. The fee is calculated from the booking subtotal (the number of Language Services plus the number of users who are taking the Language Services. That is automatically deducted from the payout to the Language Teacher.

14.1.2 User who booked a Language Service fee

A User who booked a Language Service will be charged a service fee ranging between 0% and 20% of the booking subtotal (the amount of Language Services plus additional users who are taking the Language Service). It is calculated by the subtotal of the Language Services booked plus additional users who are taking the Language Service. The user who is booking the Language Service can see this fee on the checkout page before booking the Language Service.

15. Taxes

Swap Language is not responsible for the Language Teachers payment of taxes, value added tax (VAT) etc. It is every Language Teachers responsibility to pay taxes and value added taxes etc. in relation to the given Language Services in the agreement of the law. Swap Language will instruct the Teachers how to do it. Swap Language reserves the right to exclude Language Teachers from Swap Language if they do not pay taxes.

16. Communication

Swap Language has the right to communicate directly to all users through the Swap Language Platform and by the email that has been used to create the Swap Language Account.

17. Ratings and Reviews

After both free Swaps, Group Swaps, Missions and paid Language Services have ended, the Users have a chance to leave a public review ("Review") and submit a rating based on stars ("Rating") about each other and the service provided. The Ratings and Reviews are subject to the Content in section 9. These Ratings and Reviews show the experience and opinion the user had. That is solely the users opinion and not the opinion of Swap Language. These Ratings and Reviews are not verified by Swap Language, and they may therefore be inaccurate or misleading.

When Users rate and review, they must be accurate and may not contain offensive or any defamatory written language.

It is prohibited for users to manipulate with Ratings and Reviews in any way. This entails instructing third parties to write Ratings and Reviews about the users own profile or Language Service or against other users.

18. Relationship between Swap Language and Language Teachers

The relationship between you as a Language Teacher and Swap Language is limited to you being a user and an independent individual, a third-party contractor, also called a freelancer. You are not an employee, joint venturer, agent or partner of Swap Language for any reason. Swap Language does not and has no right to control your listings associated with your profile or listed services, or any other matters of services you provide. When you are a member you agree not to create a false impression.

19. Cookie policy

Swap Language use cookies. When having a profile on Swap Language you allow the use of cookies, and that they will be placed on your computer. You can always delete your cookies and choose not to use the website.

A cookie is a small text file stored in your web browser by the website when visiting our website. This makes it possible to send personalized information to your browser. A cookie can contain text, numbers for example a date, but we will assure you that no personal information is hidden in a cookie. And it does not contain viruses.

20. Third party terms

Swap Language may offer the opportunity to purchase services and products from third parties and from Swap Language's own material. You acknowledge that those products and services are sold and offered to you by Swap Language and one or more third parties. If you have questions, please contact the applicable third party's terms of sale and privacy policy. These will be presented in the purchase process when checking out.

21. Trademarks

The "Swap Language" logos and any other Swap Language service name or slogan contained on the services are trademarks of Swap Language and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole nor in part, without a prior permission of Swap Language or the applicable trademark holder. You may not use metatags or any other hidden text utilizing Swap Language, trademark of product or service name of Swap Language without prior written permission. The look and all page headers, custom graphics, button icons and scripts, are the service mark, trademark and trade dress of Swap Language, and that may not be copied, imitated or used without our prior written permission. All other trademarks, product names or logos mentioned in the services are the property of their respective owners. Reference to any products, services, processes or other information do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation there of by us.

Our logo and the terms Swap Language, as well as other terms and visual elements that you might see throughout the Swap Language services, are protected trademarks.

We do support members using these trademarks in appropriate ways, such as to make your own T-shirts or to create local Swap Language Community social media pages.

22. Governing law and accessibility to our website

We are under the GDPR rules in Europe, and no matter where in the world our users are located, they are under protection of this.

The website Swap Language is controlled from our office in Denmark. Our website is available for anyone in the world. As laws across countries tend to differ, we want to emphasize that this website goes under the laws of Denmark. Therefore, we take no responsibility for users from other countries where laws are different from the Danish law.

When using our website you understand and agree to our Terms of Service above.

For further information please contact us at info@swaplanguage.com

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