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2nd May 2016
When you want to learn a foreign language, don't forget to have patience.

Patience is a universal language

Have patience – you are both learning a foreign language When you have a tandem-partner meeting it is very important to give and show patience when learning a foreign language. The purpose of a tandem-partner meeting is to learn from each other. Therefore, you need to keep the following in […]
2nd May 2016
Multilingual CEO's who learned foreign languages

These 3 amazing CEO’s have learned a foreign language

Mastering a foreign language can help you come a long way in life. Even though you are able to speak English in most countries, there is always a good reason to learn a foreign language. Whether your goal is to learn foreign languages to use it in business relations or simply because […]
3rd May 2016
Expectations are important, when learning a language with a tandem-partner

The first meeting and your expectations to learn a language

The first meeting with your tandem-partner Have you found your tandem-partner yet? Create a user and head to the FEED and see if there is anyone in your city and start learning the language you want! If you have found a tandem-partner, the next step is to make contact. You have […]
4th May 2016
Interview with tandem-partner Andrés from Spain

Andrés from Spain

9th May 2016
Learn Danish With A Language Partner

Tandem-partner vs. language course

Tandem-partner vs. language course Can you learn a language without having a tandem-partner? Or can you learn the basics of the grammar without going to a language course? You probably can, but you sure are making it harder on yourself! We believe that the two goes hand in hand. The best […]