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1st May 2016
When you learn a new language with a tandem-partner, it can delay Alzheimers

Learning languages delays Alzheimers up to 5 years

Learning a language with a tandem-partner delays your Alzheimers This is not new knowledge, but we still find this topic interesting, and want to share it with you! Are you already forgetting where you put your smart phone 5 minutes ago? Well, that is nothing compared to having Alzheimers. You […]
1st May 2016
When learning a language with a tandem-partner, there are some different effective ways to learn easy

What is your most effective way of learning new languages?

This is an individual question, because we are all learning in different ways. We want to make sure that your tandem-meetings are based on productive and fun learning methods! Therefore we have listed some options for you and your tandem-partner below: Learning through music Do you like listening to lyrics […]
2nd May 2016
Learn a language the easy way with a tandem-partner!

9 different places to learn a language at your next tandem-partner meeting

For many of you, this might be the first time you learn a language with a tandem-partner ever. So how and where should you meet? As Allan from Swap Language has had many tandem-meetings before, he has experience with it; furthermore, we have researched studies of how teams become good teams in […]
2nd May 2016
Be precise in your communication, when learning a language

Be accurate and precise in your communication

Be explicit in your communication Your communication needs to be clear and cut into pieces when talking to people from other cultures. When you are communicating with your tandem-partner, remember that he/she might interpret what you are saying differently. This can be because you are used to communicate in different languages. […]
2nd May 2016
Easy ways to start the conversations with your tandem-partner

5 easy ways to get the conversation started

Conversation topics for tandem-partner meetings The primary goal with having a tandem-partner is to improve your language skills and have an interesting conversation. But what should you talk about? Don’t worry! We have some suggestions for you! Take a look at them and see if you can use them and […]